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Aqualife Baby Coolers

We're able to deliver a maximum amount of ice chilled water. We've never tested a water cooler that gets water colder than our ice chilled water coolers. Most start fairly cold, but once a couple of people take water out, the water suddenly gets warm. The reason is warm water from the bottle enters the cold tank, quickly raising the temperature. With our ice chill technology, the warm water from the bottle gets quickly chilled by a large ring of ice in the cold tank. That's why we chill 3 to 5 times as much cold water as other top brands.

And our water averages 10F/5C colder than normal when in constant use. Most people find that colder water tastes better. That means they drink more water. Some customers  have reported back to us about a 30% increase in water consumption when they replaced older coolers with our ice chilled water coolers.

Same water, just a lot colder. Once they switched the units back, water consumption dropped back down. The common 10C temperature is just not cold enough to taste delicious.

Another advantage of ice chill technology, is that water is kept at about the same temperature as a refrigerator, around 4 to 5C. Bacterial growth is slowed significantly at this temperature. The water tastes fresher far longer, and the cooler doesn't need to be cleaned as frequently. The industry standard for water coolers is 50F/10C. Not only is that lukewarm, but it's also a temperature at which bacteria can multiply.

Installation Instructions

Powering Up The Water Cooler

1. After completely unpacking the water cooler. Place it on your desk, or another convenient location, leaving 4" clearance from the wall. This helps air circulation, which increases the cooling and energy efficiency. Plug the cord into a power outlet.

2. Make sure the power switch/es at the top back of the water cooler are turned on.

3. Leave for about 20 minutes to allow the water to chill.

4. Enjoy your refreshing water.

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