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Aqualife Minerals

  Mineralization Cartridge

pH Balancing

As we grow older we lose alkaline elements such as Na+ in our blood. These elements keep the blood balanced or slightly alkaline between pH 7.3 - 7.4. Modern living also puts our systems further out of balance with acidic fast food, meat and fizzy drinks, smoking, alcohol, air pollution and stress. We need more alkaline foods and drinks to avoid non-neutralized acid wastes being converted to cholesterol, fatty acids, uric acid, kidney stones etc. to try and maintain pH balance. If the body lacks the elements or mineral bi-carbonates, blood is rendered incapable of balancing and may therefore take calcium from the bones to aid this process.

This cartridge aids the body and helps counteract modern living by raising the pH of the water to an alkaline range.

  Shungit Magnetic Module

Methods to disinfect water

The most common method to disinfect water is to boil it. This oldest of all methods indeed kills bacteria, but at the same time it increases the concentration of nitrites, salts and heavy metals. Besides, some of inorganic components do not break down after the boiling process. Water, after boiling, becomes somewhat useless for human organism. It is very important, especially for child development, to use the “right” kind of water. Another widespread method to clean the water is the use of chlorine to do the disinfection. However, scientists have proved chlorine harmful for the human body since it produces organic compounds, some of which are carcinogenic.

  Five Star Energy Module


AQUALIFE Energy Stone is a rare energy mineral, being a high-level far-infrared radiator. The far-infrared radiation emission rate in the wavelength region of 4.0 to 24 micron is on average as high as 95 percent; it's 4 to 14 micron far-infrared energy, called 'growth' wavelength, produces great resonating energy within biological molecules.

  Silver Enrichment Module

This type of carbon is made from coconut shell and activated thru high temperature & high pressure steam. This carbon is impregnated with silver, a known Bacteriostatic agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria within the carbon media. This product is used only for manufacturing or fabricating antibacterial water filter products for home use, cartridges, potable water, and beverage water.

Silver Impregnated Activated Carbons are used in bacteriostatic water filters which removing objectionable TASTES, ODOURS, COLOURS and SUSPENDED particles from regular tap water, do not allow build up of bacteria in the filter.

  Alkaline Package

Alkaline Hydrogen Water

Components: Calcite, Activated Ceramic balls, Granulated Carbon

Powerful health-giving properties!

 Alkaline and hydrogen-rich with antioxidant properties!
 Mineralized to support total body health!
 Smaller water clusters for better cell absorption!
 Clean, safe and tasty water right from your tap!

  Magic Mineral Water

  Biocera Alkaline module

"If we drink good water, we can remove all of diseases over 80%"
Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter enables us to drink clean and safe water.

Biocera Ensures the Safety and Bast Quality of products.
Bioceramic Balls are the world's First and only to be NSF42 Certified

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