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Biocera Ion Spray

 Practical Application & Usage

- Fill clean water in an empty container and then shake spray at a certain distance. (When you shake it, efficacy of the silver particle and tourmaline ball increases)
- Spray to children’s toy and garment once a day.
- Spray to the cooking utensils after using and keeping them (dried dishcloth, chopping board, fork, chopsticks, kitchen knife and etc.).
- Spray to bathroom, toilet chamber pot, toothbrush, razor and artificial tooth over once a day.
- Spray to vehicle/home heater and air-conditioner ventilating opening
- Spray inside the refrigerator 1~2 time(s) a week.
- When sprayed to teeth before going to bed, it produces superior effect on mouth smell the next morning.
- For the athlete’s foot, spray to foot 2 times a day in the morning and evening.


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