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Leak Alarm

With this easy-to-use leak detector there are no buttons to push, no programming, no wires, and no batteries to insert. Just place the unobtrusive Water Leak Alarm in any potential flood zone: under sinks, next to the washer or water heater, in the basement. When even a small amount of water touches the leak detector, you will be alerted by a loud 95dB alarm. (95dB is about the same loudness as a power mower or police whistle.) When you hear the alarm, you can take action before any major damage occurs. The Water Leak Alarm has a built-in non-replaceable battery that should last 2 to 3 years after purchase. (We suggest that you test your Water Leak Alarm regularly and replace it with a new Water Leak Alarm when needed.) You get 3 Water Leak Alarms to use in various locations of your home.
Note: If you test the alarm, simply dry it off before putting it in the area to be monitored.

Benefits of the Water Leak Alarm:

  • Just place this leak detector where you want it, and forget it
  • In case of a leak, a loud alarm (95dB) will sound for up to 24 hours
  • Use Water Leak Alarms by the water heater, sink cabinet, boiler, sump pump, washing machine, toilet, radiators, and more

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