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Leak Stop

Safeguard™ Water Leak Detector & Automatic Shut Off Valve provides an economical means of protection for the home, office and business from water damage caused by leaks from faulty plumbing systems or appliances. It is attached “upstream” and below the connected appliance.

Safeguard™ works like a fuse on the incoming water line. Just as an electrical circuit breaker cuts off the electricity supply, the water leak detector will shut down the water flow to the leaking filter, ice maker, water cooler, etc.
 •Works on Hydraulic & mechanical principles
 •Requires no power supply
 •No batteries needed
 •Requires no electronic sensors
 •Automatic shut off
 •Sensor pad easily replaced
 •Transparent inspection cylinder
 •Left or right hand inlet connections
 •Vertical discharge outlet
 •Quick connect fittings
 •Proven reliability
 •Complies to Aust/NZ operating pressures

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