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Water Contamination

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Elevated Levels of Chemical Found in Queens Drinking Water (The New York Times by Michael Brick. June 1, 2004)

There's Something in the Water, and It May Not Be Strictly Kosher (The New York Times by Jennifer 8. Lee. May 10, 2007)

Contaminated water drunk by 1 in 10 Americans (The New York Times by Damon Winter. September 14, 2009)

America's 10 Most Toxic Cities (Forbes.com by Morgan Brennan. February 28, 2011)

Exposure to industrial solvent 'can increase risk of Parkinson's Disease six times'! (Mail Online by Anthony Bond. November 11, 2011)

The Mercury Moment (Michael R. Bloomberg. December 14, 2011)

Houston man injects unknown substance into bottled water at store (KHOU 11 News by KHOU.com staff & Lisa Chavarria. December 14, 2011)

Экологическая катастрофа в Западной Вирджинии (01, 2014 http://infosmi.net)

Chemical Spill in West Virginia Declared Disaster //

W. Virginia Declares State of Emergency After Huge Chemical Spill

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