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Aqualife-Kinetico Water Cooler

  Ecoline Cooler(New)

Ecoline Cooler New Model 2016-2017

Touch sensor control panel, LG power compressor includes.

  Presidential Model

Largest Capacity dispencer available provides Hot, Room and Cold water without the hassles of 5-gallon bottles. Order optional filter pack or provide your own source of filtered water.

  K6 Model

The water bar has a safety catch which prevents the hot water faucet being
used accidentally / by children.
• This is a mechanic safety catch and does not return into place
• It must be put in place if there are children in the house in order to prevent
scalding by the hot water.

  Counter Top K7 Model

The bottle-free Aqualife Kinetico K7 Countertop Cooler bottle-less water cooler is great for small offices and break rooms.

  Digital Cooler Bar Model
  • Direct chill system
  • Multi-function
  • Energy saving
  • Advanced leak detection system
  • Adjustable temperature for cold and hot water
  Smart Cooler Mini Model

The Counter Top Smart Cooler Mini was designed with an emphasis on style and advanced functionality in today's kitchens with ­attention to user comfort and the environment.At Pure Water Technology, water is core to everything we do. We are passionate about great water and believe great water ensures great beverages.

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