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Whole House Water Filters and Softeners

Kinetico filters and systems are cleverly engineered to solve your specific water challenge.

Kinetico Water Filters and Systems are designed to get right to the problem and make your water clean, clear and welcome in your home again. Our systems are carefully designed to eliminate the most common, challenging issues: cloudy water, rust or blue-green staining and rotten egg smell. They solve your specific water challenges without putting a major burden on your time or your budget. Depending on the water quality in your home, one or more systems may be necessary to return your water to a pristine state. Ask your Kinetico water professional for a free, thorough analysis of your water to see which answer will be best for you.

Kinetico water filters and systems will eliminate impurities, restoring your water to the most pure state.

  Water Softeners

A Kinetico Water Softener will provide your family with abundant clean, soft water on demand. From multitank systems powered by the energy of moving water to a more traditional approach, Kinetico covers all your options. Your local Kinetico water professional will work with you to choose the water softener that’s right for you.

  Whole House Water Filters

Water Systems provides Whole House Problem Water Filters and Systems solutions to Westchester, NY, Manhattan, NY, Long Island, NY, Fairfield, CT, Bedford, NY, New Haven, CT and surrounding areas.

  Biocera Happy Shower

Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead enables us to have moisturized and healthy skin by preventing aging and by giving moisture effects. Thus, Happy Shower Head is good for adults as well as babies, and especially for those who suffer from having skin troubles, helping them maintain smooth, faultless skins. Not only that, Happy Shower Head is good in preventing hair loss and damage. Again, Biocera Atozero Happy Showerhead is an eco-friendly product that saves water.

  Energy Stone Shower Filter

 Super Growth Energy Stone will elevate your shower experience to a level unmatched by any other shower system. Far-infrared energy contributes to healthier skin and improves hair conditioning. Healthy negative ions promote increased alertness while imparting refreshing, invigorating energy. The far-infrared energy and healthy negative ions, and water that is softer to the skin, provides a luxurious and healthier shower experience.

  White Filter

It irritates your eyes and makes your hair dull and unmanageable. Worse yet, chlorine and chlorine by-products aggravate symptoms for many asthma, allergy, sinus and emphysema sufferers. It's shocking to know that your body can absorb more chlorine in a 10-minute shower than from drinking 8 glasses of the same water. But with Shower Filter you can relax... chlorine is redused by 95%. It also reduces iron, lead, mercury and hydrogen sulfide, and prohibits bacterial, fungal and mildew growth!

  Prestige Shower

Aroma Sense filter has 9 kinds of Aroma fragrances.Indulge in our selection of Fragrances that will leave you refreshed and energized. Select from our 9 kinds of Fragrance choices that include Lemon, Lemon mango, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Rose, Pine, Phytoncide, Neutral. Aroma Sense filter contains Vitamin C and the Vitamin C ingredient removes residual chlorine from tap water and nourishes your skin & hair to prevent dryness. Vitamin C helps maintain skin elasticity for fewer wrinkles and is essential for collagen production.

  RO Membrane System

The TX Membrane System is a saltless solution for solving a variety of water problems.

The TX Membrane System tackles a variety of water challenges. The semipermeable membrane traps contaminants, iron, hardness and odor-causing impurities, leaving you with clean, clear, usable water. The TX System picks up where other water treatment options have failed.

  UV Disinfection System

Solving water problems without salt or chemicals

Kinetico Saltless Water Systems provide an ideal alternative for those who prefer to avoid using salt or chemicals to resolve their water challenges. Our ingenious and proven Scale Reduction System (or SRS) keeps performance-sapping scale from running up energy bills and prematurely ruining appliances. Our whole house systems can tackle everything from iron, hardness and odor-causing impurities to viruses, bacteria and cysts. Ask your Kinetico water professional for a no-obligation, complete analysis of your water to see which options will work best for you.

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